Burgundy Collar & Leash Set

Burgundy Collar & Leash Set

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Featuring the Burgundy, a 100% high-quality bio rubber dog collar and leash set. Light green finish with a heavy-duty black metal hardware closure. Available in mini, small, medium and large. Quick and easy belt and snap hook attachments. Comes with a free personalized iDoggos box. This elegant dog collar and leash set will turn heads as it projects elegance, comfort, durability and empowerment. The ultimate satisfaction. 

  • Spot clean or hand wash (warm water and mild soap)
  • Avoid bleach and hard detergents that may cause drying.
  • If the material gets wet, let it dry naturally.

Our dog collars are offered in 4 different adjustable sizes (mini, small, medium and large) in order to fit any dog. Feel free to use our Breed Size Recommendation tool to help you choose the appropriate size for your pet.

Note: Please ensure you measure your dog's neck before purchasing to avoid any disappointment of the collar not fitting. Allow 2 fingers to fit under the dog collar. The size large can go up to 80lbs and more.

Our dog leashes are offered in 2 different sizes (small and large). As you will notice, the length stays the same for both. Only the width changes.

SMALL: Width: 20 mm - Length: 150 cm
LARGE: Width: 25 mm - Length: 150 cm

Important: In your selection above, if you've selected mini or small, the leash will come in small whereas if you've selected medium and large, the leash will come in large.

Estimated 3-4 working days.

Estimated 7-10 Working Days


All our dog collar and leash sets are lifetime guaranteed  and exchangeable. The good news is that we are pretty flexible therefore any size-related inquiry may be eligible for exchange. Feel free to message us with your inquiry and we’ll gladly try to work things out.