iDoggos is a company based in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in high quality vegan leather dog collars, harnesses, and accessories. 

Chanel, the founder of iDoggos

It was in December 2017 that the beautiful and sparkling Chanel founded iDoggos. This young entrepreneur has developed the potential of a simple grooming bandana.

Bandanas are small scarves given by groomers after grooming your loves, but after a few days they are not very watchable. I found my dogs so beautiful with their bandanas. From there came the idea to improve them and make them a fashion accessory. At the time, I lived with my mother in Rosemère, Québec. I wanted to do something fancy for my two dogs (Yoshi, a three year old Shiba Inu, and Valentin, a three and a half year old Husky). After the first two bandanas were created, I had a high demand for friends and friends of friends ... so, I thought to myself, why not start a small business of high end dog scarves. I did some research to find that there weren't really any on the market in 2017. So I started to learn about the quality of the fabrics and their characteristics. After much research, I finally found my first seamstress: Johanne, from Saint-Colomban. Once my ideas were on paper, I put together several styles and colors to make my first satin lined bandanas. Despite the quality and beauty of the fabrics, a little something was missing, a little spiciness. So I worked on creating a logo. I wanted it simple but chic, and with the help of my graphic designer, Mélissa Giroux, we made it happen. I am very proud of our logo, it represents my original idea, chic and upscale.

Since then we have sold hundreds of scarves in Quebec as well as internationally and our logo has really become a must, we recognize it, it catches the eye. With the success of our scarves, I wanted to build on my momentum and do more. So for the 2nd product, I wanted it to be something more useful, everyday, essential. I created our first dog collars. As with the bandanas, I researched to have our suppliers here. I wanted quality and local production. It really wasn't easy, but we managed to find a business in Terrebonne that has several seamstresses and that believed in us.

Finally, we were able to put the first iDoggos dog collars into production.
Today iDoggos produces around 1,200 collars / leashes / harnesses and various accessories every two to three weeks. All designs and patterns are created by me. I use my imagination, my tastes, I coordinate the colors and create my collections like an artist creates her canvas, so to speak. Of course, I also do some Internet research and market tests. But once I have a good idea of ​​the direction of my collection, I work with my graphic designer to output the designs as a vector file and once they are completed we can get them printed on the faux leather or fabrics. - sus, thanks to industrial printing machines. We use durable fabrics or eco-friendly faux leather that is weather resistant. The same used by the Michael Kors company for their faux leather pieces, such as their handbags. The metals used are of first quality and covered with a magnificent gold, yellow, silver or black coating.

In the space of two years we have gone from 2 products offered in a few colors to more than 150 different products and models, such as harnesses, collars, leashes, medals, transport bags and much more. other accessories. All this, always created with the same high-end quality criteria. Our team now has five full-time employees in our offices, not counting our seamstresses. At certain times of the year, there are 25 of us. In fact, we have just acquired a new 3800 square foot warehouse in Blainville.

Our core value is to reinvent a pet lifestyle with simplicity, elegance and product quality. We work extremely hard to maintain a high quality standard and image in all our products to make sure our clients are in love and they are. 

Our mission is to help dog shelters all over the world. We currently work closely with shelters in the beautiful province of Quebec. For more info, contact us at: info@idoggos.com