0. Is Coffee wood safe for my dog?

Yes Coffee wood is non danger dog toy. It's normal for the wood to be destructed. Once they are at his 50% of his lenght you can put it in the trash. Some splinters can happen. Usually the dog is not interested of eating the wood put only chew. Please contact us if you have more questions:)

1. Where can I find my order tracking number?

Great news! Every iDoggos order now comes with a tracking number. You should receive an email by Parcelz once it is shipped from our warehouse. Every details will be in the same email including the destination address and shipping time.

2. I didn’t receive my order. What should I do next?

If you didn’t receive your order, please double check with your local post office if they have it on their end. If they don’t, then please contact us via email at info@idoggos.com and share your inquiry. 

3. How can I return or exchange an item? 

You can return or exchange an item by following the steps on our website here: https://idoggos.com/pages/how-to-return

4. What happens if my collar unclips itself?

Very rare but can happen as some of our previous collars had a manufacturing problem. The good news is that all our collars are guaranteed and we’d be happy to exchange it anytime. Just send us an email at info@idoggos.com

5. What happens if the product breaks?

Very rare but can happen. The great news is that all our products are guaranteed and exchangeable within 30 days of purchase and more. We are here to serve you in offering the best service we can. It’s really simple. Just send us a picture of the broken product via email at info@idoggos.com and describe what happened. 

6. What happens if a small sewing is broken? Do I need to return or exchange it?

Generally, for a small reparation, we recommend finding a seamstress near your area and provide us with the invoice afterwards. We will cover the bill. Please send us a picture of the broken products beforehand to info@idoggos.com

7. The faux leather material is really thick. What can I do?

Our faux leather material is high quality therefore you will notice the leather being slightly thicker than other faux leather products. In time, they will be far less thick and will fit your pet perfectly. Patience is key especially for smaller pets.

8. Is the color on the website the same as the original color?

Absolutely! The color you see on the website is as close as it gets to the original color. You can always verify the true color when you click on the “Reviews + Photos” tab under each product. It will help you see the product on different dog breeds and different settings.

9. How can I wash the product?

We recommend washing it by hand using warm water and mild soap. Avoid bleach and hard detergents that may cause drying. Let it dry naturally. Avoid machine washing. If the fabric or faux leather gets wet, let it dry naturally.

10. Are your products handmade?

Yes, our products are handmade. They are truly of the highest quality you can find on the market. We make sure of every product before selling it.

11. Are your products water resistant?

Yes, they are. They will maintain their colours, especially our faux leathers; they will stay clean in all weather conditions.

12. I can’t find my dog breed in the “Breed Size Recommendation” dropdown.

Feel free to email us at: info@idoggos.com and we will add it immediately in the dropdown thus helping you choose the perfect size for your dog.

13. What size do you recommend for a puppy?

All our products are pretty adjustable. They are made to fit perfectly for a puppy to grow as an adult. Feel free to use our “Breed Size Recommendation” tool located on all our product pages to help you choose the perfect size for your pet. The size chart will also demonstrate how much the product can be adjusted.

Ex: 20cm - 30cm
20cm is the smallest size it can be and 30 cm is the biggest size it can be.

14. Do you do personalized order or customization?

We can personalize collars and leashes using heat transfer with the name of your pet on the fabric or faux leather material depending on the model you choose. 

For all personalization needs, visit: https://idoggos.com/products/personalized-dog-collar

We do not do custom orders or change of color in the hardware at the moment. 

15. Does the mini collar and harness fit on cats? 

Yes indeed. It fits really well on cats. They are better for indoor cats as they don’t have a safety clip at the moment.

16. When will iDoggos carry more cat collars?

Our collar collection for cats should be available by summer 2021. 

17. Do you wholesale your products? 

Yes, we do wholesale. If interested or would like more information, please fill up the form on our website and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days.  

Wholesale Form: https://idoggos.com/pages/idoggos-reseller-program

18. Do you have an ambassador program?

Yes, we have an ambassador program. Feel free to join using the following link: https://ambassadors.idoggos.com