iCavalos Horse Lead Barbie Pink

iCavalos Horse Lead Barbie Pink

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New Feature updated from June 2024 *Chain is removable*

Horse Lead project by Chanel

 *Horse lead only*

This horse lead will turn everyone's head at the barn! Our new product is revolutionary; it's 100% waterproof, making it extremely useful for showers, or everyday wear.


  • Full length : 250 cm / Length of chain : 60 cm / Lenght of Pvc : 190cm / Width 2.5 cm
  • Removable chain ( 190 cm without chain)
    - Our horse lead's metals are tested to withstand over 550 lbs of pressure.
    - 100% waterproof.
    - The lead is non-damaging and will not remove any horse fur.
    - The lead can withstand exposure to sun or snow.
    - The leads are guaranteed, exchangeable, and returnable.

This project is something that I am deeply emotionally invested in. I have been involved in the world of horses since birth, and I understand their needs and how to provide the best products for our four-legged loves.

This project is dedicated to my mother, Sophie, who unfortunately lost her life in 2020 due to depression. Her horse was the only thing that made her smile during the time of Covid-19, and unfortunately, she was forbidden to see it for safety reasons.

I know she would be proud of this project, so I am determined to bring our very first horse halter project to life.

I thank everyone for supporting me in this endeavor; you don't know how much it means to me. I can't wait to see some beautiful pictures of your horses with our halters.